Guide to watching Netflix outside US

Netflix is without a doubt the most effective streaming web site in the US, and for a great reason: they have lots of content, a very affordable subscription cost, and their service works on most devices that people have in their homes. The only concern with Netflix is that it’s just available in the US and if you try to access it from South Africa or everywhere outside of the United States you get a message saying that it’s not available where you live.

There are solutions to bypass this restriction but few people know about them or which one is the ideal solution. I have found that that a substantial quantity of sites tell you that the finest way to watch Netflix in South Africa on your iPad is to use a VPN. This is some of the worst advice though and the only reason they are attempting to convince you of this is because of the affiliate income they receive by referring you.

The reason I don’t like VPNs is because they are slow. The entire content you will stream from Netflix has to go from Netflix’s servers to your VPN service supplier and then back to to your machine. Of course it gets even worse when it seems that the worlds entire population decides to use the same VPN you’re trying to use.


The genuine excellent solution to enjoy Netflix in South Africa, or everywhere else in the world is a service like Smart DNS Proxy. Essentially their service makes your IP address appear to be coming from within the USA and so Netflix is happy to let you access their service from South Africa because they think you’re in the US. In this case all the streaming content goes directly in between Netflix servers and your device rather than sending it via another server first like the VPN option does.
The DNS redirection service I have actually been making use of for 6 months is called Smart DNS Proxy. It is easier than a VPN to set up and the result is much faster. You can read our Netflix South Africa guide for more info.



Mobile phones for elderly

Elderly people have special needs and this is especially true when it comes to technology. They find things like mobile phones or cell phones quite daunting. This is because the modern phones have such small buttons or, in some cases, no buttons at all. It would be great if there was a book explaining to older people how to use mobile phones properly and other technology for seniors. There is no point putting up a website about this because senior citizens aren’t going to be surfing the web to find out how to use technology are they? The modern cell phones have so many settings and functions that it can be a little intimidating even for someone who is young and fairly tech savvy. As soon as an older person needs to try to decide whether they should switch their Wifi on or if they need to have the GPS on or off you can forget it. They will rather throw the phone away than be frustrated by carrying something around with them that they can’t use. If there was a book showing step by step how to use a specific phone then you may even find that older people would be more inclined to buy that specific phone.

Basic phone for elderly

Phones for elderly people need to be really easy to use and don’t need fancy apps and other functionality. Grandpa is probably not going to be bothered that he can’t use Twitter on his phone or post to Facebook from it. All he wants to do is to be able to make and receive phone calls as well as send and receive an SMS. Basic large button cell phones for elderly people are ideal. This way they don’t have to fumble for their reading glasses every time they want to make a call. The phone should also have a really loud ringer and speaker. This is because as people get older their hearing becomes impaired and then they won’t hear the phone ring. It’s also a good idea to have a phone with GPS tracking and an emergency button. Older people sometimes tend to wander off and if they get into a spot of trouble it’s great for them to be able to press a button to let you know where they are.


Learning to lose weight gracefully

There’s very little about dieting that could be described as fun or entertaining but if you want to stay in shape and happen to live in the first world within a few blocks of a fast food outlet then chances are you could probably benefit from going on a reduced calory eating program. It’s a sad fact that hopefully the Venus Factor could change. There’s also not a whole lot about the process of losing weight that could be described as graceful either. There’s always a lot of sweat involved, a lot of juicing, grimacing while chewing the flax seed or whatever the latest super food is that is being promoted on the internet. If you’re a woman trying to lose weight it is also abundantly clear that it’s a whole lot more difficult to shift the pounds than it is for men.

John Barban, a well know professional nutritionist and exercise expert, realised this as well and after doing a lot of research and ended up developing a new diet called Venus Factor. The knowitalllearning venus factor diet reviews give you a good idea of what this is all about. Essentially it’s a program that combines eating specific foods and doing some targeted exercises that help control the levels of the Leptin hormone in the woman’s body. Leptin is the chemical that makes us either feel hungry or satisfied depending on how much Leptin you have in your body.

Venus Factor Diet

The approach that John Barban put together makes sure that the levels of this important chemical are maintained so that you manage to get good results and also don’t feel like giving up half way through your diet. The exercise regime he put together is as close to appealing as any exercise routine could be seeing as it’s made up of a few cool moves that only need to occupy 15 minutes of your time for each session. Now that is really appealing. My experiences with diets in the past have never been exactly pleasant or particularly effective. Well, if this does the trick then I might just give positive venus factor diet reviews the next time I chat to my friends about dieting in general.